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Another prestigious product by itsColl - the eatox , the one and only solution to Deep Cleanse & Purify our Inner Body.

INULIN - is a natural soluble dietary FIBRE, which dissolves in water to form a gelatinous material.It can help lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels.Inulin is also an effective PREBIOTIC, stimulating the growth of Beneficial Bacteria & increases the activity of the beneficial bacteria in the gut, by acting as a “food” for the good bacteria in your digestive system.

WHEAT DEXTRIN which is helpful for improving digestive health. The soluble fiber supplement, will make your stool more bulky so it passes through your digestive tract quickly.Wheat Dextrin may help increase the absorption of micronutrients and regulate your digestive system.It will lower your blood pressure, triglyceride and cholesterol levels as well as your heart disease risk!

The core ingredients in EATOX- BRASSICA Oleracea, also called as the Brocolli Extract.It is the most powerful weapons in DETOXIFICATION, warding off many common diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and hypertension.The benefits of this amazing ingredient includes antioxidant effects, modulation of detoxification enzymes, stimulation of the immune system & reduction of inflammation.

In EATOX, we have Probiotics(Bifidobacterium breve) from Japan.The term “pro-” means “for” and “-biotic” stands for “life.” These friendly bacteria digest sugars, starches, and carbs into nutrients your body can easily digest.Bifi. Breve is a CHAMPION among probiotic bacteria due to its superior ability to metabolize many types of food. It also protects colon function, alleviates constipation, and reduces gas & bloating. Additionally, Probiotics also stimulates your immune system!

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